12 Best Beanie And Winter Hats For Women Of 2022, Per A Stylist

2022-11-11 02:15:58 By : Mr. Mr. Zhou

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They're the best way to stay warm and upgrade your 'fit. Winter Scarf

The weather is changing once again, which means it might be time to rethink your wardrobe. Sundresses are out, and sweaters are in. And while you’re rotating your closet to ensure your fave winter clothes are at the forefront, you might want to revisit your winter accessories. Yes, that includes beanie hats.

When it comes to picking out the perfect beanie, you don’t have to sacrifice style for functionality. It can be both “practical and stylish,” says Allison Berlin, stylist and founder of Style Made Simple. “It’s an accessory that helps complete a winter look. And with so many fashionable versions to choose from, it’s an affordable way to level up your accessory game,” she adds.

Peep some of the best beanies you can shop right now below:

Whether you’re looking for a beanie to keep you warm all winter-long or just something you can add to spruce up your fave 'fit other months of the year, these are the best beanies you can add to your winter wardrobe right now, per a stylist.

Look, pom detailing isn’t for every occasion. But if you like the option of having a pom, this hat has a removable one. The tight knit hat looks good with and without the adornment, and as a bonus, there are so many colors and patterns to choose from.

Rave Review: "I love this hat. It’s warm and comfortable and looks the same as the picture. I have very long dreads and this hat fits perfectly over my head."

This Carhartt beanie is about as tried and true as they come. The traditional cuffed style with the pom for flair makes it a staple to any cold weather excursions, like sledding or skiing.

Rave Review: “This hat is wonderful! It fits perfectly,” writes one reviewer. “It's the warmest hat I've ever owned. I live in a cold weather climate and this hat keeps me so warm.”

Hush Puppies' beanie hats come in fun color options, like cow print and deep teal. The colorful beanies are made with soft acrylic yarn, which makes each hat extra warm and cozy. Each one features the super cute Hush Puppies dog logo, too. Awww.

Rave Review: "Super cute beanie, lovely color, and I especially love the tag with the basset hound! Nice detail! Very comfortable and wide brim allows for ample adjustment."

If you’re looking for added warmth, this Under Armour beanie comes fleece-lined. The snug fit keeps it in place for any activity and the price won’t break the bank.

Rave Review: “This very well may be the best hat,” one five-star reviewer said. “It is cute and fits well—no extra material sitting above my head. It's also much warmer than other hats I've bought in the past. It certainly lives up to the quality I would expect from Under Armour.”

For those looking to go with the softest, warmest material that looks good, too, cashmere is the perfect option. This one from Everlane comes from a blend of recycled cashmere and wool. At $75 it’s on the pricier side, but you’ll gain a reliable, stylish beanie in the process.

Plus, the fact that it is sustainably made with recycled cashmere is reason enough for it to be on this list.

If you’re doing any hiking or camping in extremely cold temperatures, the North Face beanie should be your go-to. It’s made from a wool blend and reviews say its snug fit keeps it in place all day.

Rave Review: “The material is VERY thick, causing it to be an extremely warm hat,” says one review. “The material is soft and comfortable, not at all itchy, so I don't mind wearing it all day if needed.”

The best part about the Girlfriend Collective beanie is that it’s a fully sustainable product. Made from recycled water bottles, this beanie will compliment your cutest outfits and keep you warm, all while doing its part to save the earth.

Rave Review: “I love this hat!! The material is so soft and keeps you warm,” wrote one person. “The fit is just right! I recommend!”

Because fisherman beanies are shorter and they don't cover your ears, they may not be as warm as other options. They can sure elevate any outfit, though. This one comes in various colors and you can even get a pack of three.

Rave Review: “Fit is awesome—not too much material and not too warm in a good way, so I can wear it more days of the year,” wrote one person.

If you don’t want to spring for multiple beanies, but want different colors, opting for a reversible beanie is the way to go. This knit one from Columbia displays a waffle pattern on one side and a plain look on the other. It comes in six different color combinations and it's less than $20 per hat.

Rave Review: "This is a nice beanie from Columbia that fits comfortably and keeps warm. It looks like it does on screen. If you like the look, it's a good buy."

Cotton might not be the best choice for warmth, but it does offer an alternative to those who have cashmere or wool allergies, Berlin says. She recommends wearing it in the fall or spring.

Madewell’s cuffed yellow beanie adds a pop of color to any outfit without breaking the bank.

Rave Review: “The lemony yellow color is not neon, but still a higher visibility color for walking near traffic,” says one reviewer. “The fabric content is very nice—soft with zero scratchiness, breathable and thick enough for WI winter weather.”

If you're looking for a cute winter hat you can match your gloves to, this is the set for you. The set comes in a bunch of pretty shades, like this lavender. The best part is the gloves are touchscreen compatible, so no need to take them off to text. Win!

Rave Review: "The matching gloves are adorable, warm, and just super cozy! Love them! Work well with a touch screen!"

The grind doesn’t stop in the winter months. If you find yourself running in the cold, LuluLemon’s athletic beanie will keep you warm. It has reflective material for optimal road running and a ponytail hole to thread your hair through. Some reviews suggest it’s not the best for curly hair, though, so keep that in mind when buying.

Rave Review: “I was looking for a fleece-lined running/walking hat, and this fits over my ears perfectly,” says one consumer. “Just make your ponytail is lower and there aren’t any problems!”

When it comes to choosing which beanie will work best for you, it’s important to keep in mind some key specifications: Plus, grooves in the front sole allow for full range of motion and a full range of workouts—comfort, warmth, adjustability, and style.

The softest beanies are made from cashmere, Berlin says. You might find cashmere ones are more expensive, so you may want to opt for a soft wool knit or cotton if you’re allergic.

Berlin recommends trying the hat on before you snip the tags. Make sure it has a snug fit to provide ample warmth. But if it’s too snug, it may leave an indentation in your forehead, so be aware of that, too. (Honestly, that’s worse than hat hair.) “Avoid anything that feels itchy the moment you put it on because that won't go away,” she adds.

A good winter beanie is made of wool or cashmere because they offer the most warmth, Berlin notes. But there are also ones that are fleece-lined and provide enough insulation to keep you toasty. “Fleece will really help keep your head warm and therefore help retain body heat,” she adds.

If you don’t live in extreme cold or want something for the fall and spring, a cotton or crocheted beanie will provide you with enough to keep you warm without overheating.

One of the best features about beanies is that they’re inherently adjustable without needing straps, buttons, or other adornments. “The soft knit will mold to your head making it easy to fit many different head shapes/sizes,” Berlin says. And if it’s too long, you can roll it up just a little bit more.

When browsing, you’ll find that the cuffed beanie is a hot style this year, as well as beanies with a ribbed look, Berlin says. But the bright side is that beanies can go with nearly everything. “Because of the simple design, a beanie can work with most styles of outwear from dressier wool coats to sporty puffers,” she adds. “When winter is done, just wash or dry clean and fold it up to store easily for the next season.”

Canvas Bucket Hat When choosing a color or pattern, Berlin says to pick a color that pops up in your most-used coats. And if your outerwear includes a lot of black (🙋‍♀️guilty), try changing it up a bit with a pop of color or a bright pattern.