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2021-12-08 06:22:28 By : Ms. Helen Peng

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Feast for the eyes! If you want to add some vibrancy to your clothing or sewing project, choose some fabric decoration. There are many different forms of fabric decoration. Whether you are a traditionalist looking for lace or a fashionista who wants to add rhinestones to your project, we can meet your needs. Guide the masters of the Renaissance to decorate your costumes with pearls, sequins and lace appliques. Browse our overview of the best fabric decorations below.

These lace stitched applique patches are installed on a section of tulle for easy operation and are available in 14 colors. Featured with 3D lace flowers, with rhinestones and rolling twigs in the middle, this is a great choice for bridal clothing. Lace embroidery can be cut from the tulle and arranged as you like. The three-dimensional flowers give visual interest and texture. 

For lace trim with an old-world feel, please choose this one-meter-long lace leaf ribbon. Featured with mint green lace leaves, each leaf is dotted with pearls and pink rosettes. This lace trim is delicate and elegant, evokes retro style, and adds beautiful color to any outfit. 

You can use these round flat-back pearl decorations as buttons or simple decorations. Each unit is designed with a centrally designed pearl, surrounded by a halo of shiny rhinestones, creating a luxurious feel. Each bag is decorated with ten pearls, and each of them can be easily applied to hairpins, bracelets, bags, shoes or fabrics with glue. Use them to make wedding bouquet brooches or as shiny closures for jackets or dresses. 

This polyester lace braid is 20 yards long per bag and is a great decoration for clothing items. This trim is available in a variety of jewel tones, from scarlet to silver, hand-washable, and decorated with PVC sequins. Ideal for theater productions, this decoration provides a huge impact at low cost. 

For those who are looking for some bling in the market, please choose these thousand-piece round rhinestones. Including various sizes from 1.5 mm to 5 mm, there are many options to choose from. Each polyhedral gemstone is made of glass and has a flat back for easy application. It is very suitable for nail art, mobile phone decoration, cloth decoration, dance costumes and skating costume stone carvings, table scattered decorations and wedding decorations. This bulk bag has a variety of uses. 

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