Rolls-Royce announced that Black Badge Ghost is the purest black badge to date

2021-12-08 06:21:47 By : Ms. Frances Lu

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has a unique fluency among its customers. Its close relationship with the women and men who patronize the brand gives the company's decision makers an unparalleled understanding of super luxury consumers: their aesthetic preferences, uncompromising lifestyle requirements and changing taste patterns. Only with this understanding and briefings provided by the brand's luxury intelligence department can brands create accurate product responses. Black Badge is a vivid example.

Rolls-Royce Motors has always attracted disruptive customers-rebellious women and men who succeeded by breaking the rules, taking risks and challenging traditions. In the 2020s, these women and men are exposed to luxury goods in their own way. They reject streetwear, use blockchain instead of banks, and influence the analog world through their digital efforts. In doing so, they created new luxury standards that resonated with their feelings: deeper aesthetics, confident character, and bold design.

Their attitude towards Rolls-Royce products is no exception. The Rolls-Royce brand responded accordingly, developing a new color palette, more technical surface treatments and a more powerful driving experience, without affecting the attraction of these bold customers to the Rolls-Royce brand. The relaxed feeling.

Black Badge is another very successful Rolls-Royce self. It now represents more than 27% of global commissions and is codified by a mathematical symbol representing potential infinity, which is located inside the car. This graphic, also known as Lemniscate, was applied to Sir Malcolm Campbell’s record-breaking Rolls-Royce powered Blue Bird K3 seaplane. The brand’s designers nominated the logo as a Black Badge car to reflect their drive Relentless pursuit.

Rolls-Royce launched Black Badge with Wraith and Ghost in 2016, followed by Dawn in 2017, and then Cullinan in 2019. Today, a new Post Opulent expression of Black Badge has joined the family. The purest and most technologically advanced Black Badge car to date, Black Badge Ghost.

In response to a group of customers who require a flexible, discreet, highly connected Rolls-Royce without any redundant design, New Gust is not only the most technologically advanced Rolls-Royce so far, but also the purest aesthetics. Since this In the 12 months since the car came out, it has become one of the fastest-selling products in the brand's history, representing more than 3,500 commissions worldwide.

This car also opened a new design dialogue in the unremitting pursuit of minimalism and purity. This aesthetic movement was named "post-rich" by Rolls-Royce designers, and it is characterized by simplicity and substance. For this reason, we have chosen and celebrated excellent materials, while the public design is limited, smart and unobtrusive.

However, among this group of clients who advocate minimalism and material substance, a rebellious subset tries to create a destructive Ghost expression by permanently hiding it in such a pure shadow that it serves as a kind of The classification of colors is still a subject of controversy: black. Black Badge Ghost reflects the needs of these customers. This is the dark side of post-richness: extreme minimalism.

Customers are free to choose any of the brand's 44,000 "ready-to-wear" colors, or they can create their own completely unique customized colors. However, the vast majority of women and men who asked for this deeper Ghost expression chose the iconic black. To create the deepest black in the automotive industry, 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of paint was atomized and applied to a statically charged white car body before being dried. The car then received two clear coatings, which were then hand polished by a team of four craftsmen to produce the brand's iconic high-gloss piano finish.

The duration is between three and five hours. This kind of operation is completely unknown in mass production, and the intensity produced is simply impossible to achieve in other parts of the automotive industry. It is this depth of darkness that provides the perfect canvas for customers to add high-contrast hand-painted Coachline, which has played a big role in creating the "black and neon" aesthetics of Black Badge, and has become a feature of this vivid series. Slaughter Motors.

To complement this eye-catching body design, the brand’s custom team of designers, engineers, and craftsmen collaborated to create a fully customizable process, thereby subverting the Rolls-Royce logo, such as the highly polished ecstasy spirit and Pantheon grille. Instead of simply painting these components, a specific chromium electrolyte is introduced into the traditional chromium plating process, which is co-deposited on the stainless steel substrate to darken the surface. Its final thickness is only one micron-about one-hundredth the width of a human hair. Before being installed on the car, each of these parts is hand-precisely polished to achieve a mirror-black chrome-plated effect.

The external treatment is solved by a customized 21-inch compound wheel set. Designed in Black Badge house style, specially designed for Black Badge Ghost, the barrel of each wheel is composed of 22 layers of carbon fiber, distributed on three axles, and then folded back on the outer edge of the rim to form a total of 44 layers of carbon fiber, which is stronger high. The 3D forged aluminum wheels are connected to the rims with aerospace grade titanium alloy fasteners, and are decorated with the brand's iconic floating hub caps to ensure that the double R monogram always stays upright. In order to celebrate the substance of the material and the excellent surface effect, light-colored paint is applied to protect the finish, but still allows customers to observe the technical complexity of the unique carbon fiber structure of the wheel.

High-end luxury materials have been carefully crafted and crafted to create a unique atmosphere for the interior suites. While recalling the dramatic mechanical intent of Black Badge Ghost, these materials are also loyal to Ghost's Post Opulent design philosophy—a type defined by authenticity and materiality rather than public statements. In this spirit, the brand's craftsmen have created a complex and subtle weave that incorporates a deep diamond pattern made of carbon fiber and metal fiber.

Multiple wood layers are pressed onto the internal component substrate, using black bolivar veneer as the uppermost base layer. This forms a dark foundation for the subsequent layers of technical fibers. The leaves woven from resin-coated carbon and contrast-colored metal-coated threads are arranged in a diamond pattern and hand-painted on the components, perfectly aligned to create a three-dimensional effect. In order to ensure this extraordinary finish, each component is cured for one hour at a pressure of 100°C. Sandblasting then creates a keyed surface for the six coats of paint, which is sanded and polished by hand before being installed in the car.

If specified in the customer's commission, the technical fiber "waterfall" part of a single rear seat will receive a series of black badges: mathematical symbols representing potential infinity, called double buttons. The lid of the Black Badge Ghost champagne cooler is made of aerospace-grade aluminum and is applied between the third and fourth layers of a total of six layers of subtle colored paint, creating the illusion of symbols floating above the technical fiber veneer.

The aestheticians of the brand's design team chose to further enhance the black atmosphere of Black Badge Ghost by suppressing bright works. The use of physical vapor deposition to darken the vents on the dashboard and rear compartment is one of the few metal coloring methods to ensure that the parts will not change color or lose gloss over time or repeated use. In the design of the Black Badge Ghost timepiece, Post Opulent’s simplicity principle has also been dramatic: only the hands and the twelve, three, six and nine o’clock markers are selected, with a soft chrome finish To create a very small clock. Black Badge Ghost also offers other timepieces to meet customers' aesthetic preferences.

On both sides of the timepiece is the world's first Bespoke innovation, which made its debut with Ghost: the luminous fascia, showing an elegant luminous bi-moon line surrounded by more than 850 stars. The constellations and patterns on the passenger side of the dashboard are completely invisible when the interior lights are not working. Like Ghost, the Lemniscate pattern is illuminated by 152 LEDs installed above and below the dashboard. The color of each LED is carefully matched with the cabin clock and dashboard lighting. To ensure that Lemniscate is evenly illuminated, a 2 mm thick light guide is used, with more than 90,000 laser etched spots on its surface. This not only disperses the light evenly, but also produces a flickering effect when the eyes move on the fascia, echoing the subtle flash of the Shooting Star Starlight Headliner.

Black Badge is not just an aesthetic—it is an experience. The customer requesting this car requested that the custom processing of the Black Badge Ghost be extended from the design studio to the brand's engineering department. In doing so, the Bespoke Collective, composed of designers, engineers, and craftsmen, collaborated to create a vivid driving personality that matches the visual intent of Black Badge Ghost without affecting the brand’s relaxed driving tendency and detail. Acoustic tuning.

The key to its powerful features is the luxury architecture, which is Rolls-Royce's proprietary all-aluminum space frame architecture, debuting together with the Phantom. This substructure not only provides extraordinary body rigidity, but its flexibility and expandability enable Gust to be equipped with all-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and an award-winning planar suspension system. For Black Badge, these unparalleled engineering qualities have been completely redesigned, including the installation of larger-capacity air springs to reduce body roll when turning more confidently.

The capacity of the Rolls-Royce twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter V12 engine is considered sufficient. However, the flexibility of this famous power plant has been used to generate an additional 29PS, creating a total output of 600PS. The feel of a single infinite gear also becomes dramatic with the additional 50NM of torque, for a total of 900NM. The powertrain has also received custom gearbox and throttle processing to further enhance the engine's increased power reserve. The ZF eight-speed gearbox and the front and rear steering shafts work together to adjust the level of feedback to the driver based on the throttle and steering input.

Like all products in the brand's Black Badge product portfolio, the "low" button on the gear selector lever unlocks the full range of Black Badge Ghost technology. This is affirmed by a brand-new exhaust system amplifying the car's engine, which cleverly announces its effectiveness. All 900NM torque is only available at 1700rpm. Once in low-speed mode, when the throttle is stepped on to 90%, the shift speed will increase by 50%, thus providing the Black Badge Ghost with ample power reserve with amazing immediacy.

In order to increase confidence when using Black Badge Ghost, the brake bite point has been increased and the pedal stroke has been reduced. Non-Black Badge Ghost is equipped with a powerful braking hardware package, which is considered more than sufficient under extreme conditions, even considering Black Badge's another self-increasing power output. However, a new bold set of paint colors for high-temperature brake calipers has been developed in preparation for the upcoming Black Badge Ghost commission.

Black Badge Ghost is now available for commissioning.

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