I'm thinking of dying for a Christmas movie for the first time now

2021-12-08 07:01:39 By : Ms. Angela Ding

This time of year... This time of year, this is a heated debate. Is "Die Hard" a Christmas movie? I have always been strongly inclined that it is not, but after doing some research I started to turn to the other side. Here are some facts to consider:

Look, there is a clear difference between "die hard" and "this is a good life", but for the first time I have to admit that Bruce Willis' classic movies are worthy of being regarded as Christmas movies.

Whether you will include it on your holiday favorite list is largely a separate matter, but I think it is fair to consider it, even if a movie with 23 deaths is not your glass of eggnog.

Well, on Monday I will come up with 10 of my favorites, and you will know if "Die Hard" is on the list. I am also interested in seeing you.

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