Man Waves 'AR-15 Style' Gun Over Dallas Dog Dispute: Paulding Sheriff | Dallas, GA Patch

2022-08-14 13:09:34 By : Ms. Jenny Qi

DALLAS, GA — Paulding authorities are on the lookout for a man who brandished "what appears to be an 'AR-15' style pistol" after an argument with Dallas residents over an aggressive dog.

According to a social-media post Tuesday by the Paulding County Sheriff's Office, an unidentified man seen in security video "threatened some residents of Electric Dam Road with the gun following an animal dispute."

The April 6 incident followed an argument over the man's dog, which the sheriff's office said "nearly attacked the homeowners on their own property."

Anyone who can identify the man shown in the video is asked to call the Paulding County Sheriff's Office at 770-443-3047. Tipsters can also message authorities via the free Paulding Sheriff App.

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